Feeding Systeme

The Feeding System in Cigarettes and Tobacco industry as Interface of Primary and Secondary 

Cigarettes Maker Feeding (Cigarettes) and OTP Feeding for Pouches and Tins (RYO and MYO)

The Gravity Feeding Process allows the control and regulation of the tobacco flow, including volume and ratio of the mixture in reference to the Tobacco Air Ratio. This means always the right amount of tobacco by keeping the optimum Tobacco Air Ratio! 

Feedingsystems consisting of:

Layout with:


  • Bin-tipping device
  • Feeder with box
  • discharge / metering tube
  • Mini feeder X3 or X6
  • Add-on feeder for shorts



Feeder with box


  • Feeder with box
  • discharge belt conveyor to metering tube



Mini Feeder Type X3

Process Data


3 maker / each with max. 12000 cig/min and 9 kg tobacco/min x maker continuous Tobacco processing (equals 100% maker efficiency)

Maker feeding:

discountinuous (feed air lock with flap)
max. delivery capacity of the mixing chamber = 3x 12 kg tobacco/min

(equals 100% simultaneous factor)

Tobacco supply:

max 38kg tobacco/min to the metering tube

Add-Back-System for Shorts


  • Bin-tipping device
  • Buffer silo or Feeder with box
  • discharge / metering tube
  • Mini feeder X3 or X6
  • Add-on feeder for shorts
  • Suitable for compressed cut filler



Tipping device

Tipper T-250


  • emptying of bins
  • with and adapter fot C48 or C90cardboard boxes
  • Optionally with retaining flaps (dust reduced version)



Tipper T-500


  • Dust minimized emptying of bins



Electrical control panels

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