About us

“Once upon a time ...”. Fairy tales and legends begin with those words. But our (hi)story begins with a year: 1856.
It was then that Anton Heinen set up his iron foundry, known at the time simply as “Heinen’s Factory”. Ever since, the Heinen name has stood for high-quality craftsmanship, reliable technology and well-built machines.

Creative engineering and process-control mastery laid the foundation of our revered company’s success story.

We at GK Tobacco GmbH strive to meet your expectations and – via commitment and close cooperation – to ensure that you can produce safely and consistently.
We accordingly tailor our mindset and our solutions to your specifications and your unique products. We accomplish this not only by advising you expertly and comprehensively, but also by first brainstorming with you before implementing solutions.

GK Tobacco is your partner for tobacco-preparation solutions.

GK Tobacco’s team members boast many years of experience in the development, designing and project-planning of tobacco-processing machines, systems and plants.
GK Tobacco also ensures that the quality and functionality of our products will meet demanding requirements.
We not only plan entire tobacco-processing lines as well as design and manufacture as per customer specifications; we also sell our machines and plants worldwide.

GK Tobacco GmbH
Achternstraße 1-17
D-26316 Varel
Fon  +49 4451 951 998- 10
Fax  +49 4451 951 998- 50

GK Tobacco GmbH
Kleinwolmsdorfer Straße 16
01477 Arnsdorf

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