Steaming tunnel


GKT plant

Conditioning cylinder  (DCCC)
With spraying system for casing application

Slicer - horizontal


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processing plants

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feeding- / metering systems

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GK Tobacco is reviving a tradition which dates back to the early years of the Heinen company. In 1866, Anton Heinen developed his first tobacco cutting machine. The tobacco equipment he made in Varel, Germany subsequently captured the world market and established an excellent reputation. Though GK Tobacco was founded relatively recently, it carries on this tradition while relying on a legacy of excellence and a pedigree of expertise.

From developing through manufacturing to selling: as always, we are your one-stop solution for tobacco processing plants.
A unique competitive advantage for this new business division lies in its close working relationship with fellow divisions in the association of companies. The cross-divisional opportunities provided by the marriage of drying technology, materials-handling technology and production can be synergistically exploited for mutual benefit.

We intend to focus on plants in the primary sector: more specifically, customised plants for the processing of tobacco.

Specialising will create promising prospects in the tobacco-processing industry. The renaissance of equipment made in Varel will enable GK Tobacco to capture a sizable share of the market.