Our machines and plants not only constitute high-quality systems – you will also enjoy technically sophisticated solutions which meet your needs. But even the very best technology might fail at some point. We are well aware that only the best possible availability is acceptable for you. We therefore offer a service which guarantees precisely that: GK Tobacco Service.

Our service offering excels thanks not to anonymous structures, but rather the teamwork of our people. We rely on our staff’s years of experience and believe deeply in ongoing vocational training. Our expertise and our commitment enable us to work professionally and efficiently. You will benefit from it, too!


An extensive inspection of your plant will provide you a clear picture of its condition. Our inspection report will document all the technical details regarding your system and provide straightforward recommendations on which parts must be replaced and which services are sensible going forward. Heeding such advice in good time will guarantee the maximum availability of your plant in future.

Preventive Maintenance

Unplanned servicing of machines is inopportune by definition. Unexpected stoppages or shortcomings in the quality of products and processes cost you money. That is why we offer a preventive-maintenance package. Our service technicians will complete inspection and maintenance tasks at regular intervals. Certain wear parts will be replaced proactively. Afterwards, you will receive a maintenance report describing the current condition of your system.
Apart from this package, we can also draft preventive-maintenance plans for you.